Transforming Complaints Into Solutions, Firozabad Police Adopts Blockchain Powered Complaint Management System

Transforming Complaints Into Solutions, Firozabad Police Adopts Blockchain Powered Complaint Management System

The complaint management system used in the past was fraught with several challenges, such as inefficiency, lack of transparency, and corruption, which deterred many people from filing complaints due to the cumbersome process and fear of retaliation.

Airchains joined hands with the Firozabad UP police to develop a digital portal for the complaint management system, utilizing blockchain technology to enhance transparency and streamline the process. The initiative aims to combat crime and prioritize the safety and security of citizens.

Empowering Citizens With A Seamless Complaint Tracking System

Airchains, utilizing the blockchain system by @0xPolygon, developed the "Firozabad Public Grievance Management System" (FPGMS), a customized digital portal for addressing and resolving grievance complaints. The online portal enables users to conveniently file complaints and provides comprehensive information about the complaint filing procedure, its functionalities, and complaint management by authorities.

Notable features of the CMS include transparent tracking of complaints, accountability associated with each complaint, cloud storage for data recovery, and the ability to file complaints from anywhere and assign them to the relevant station.

Integrating blockchain into the complaint management system aims to make the process of filing complaints free of charge and seamless. and ensure that the data collected is secure, tamper-proof, and transparent. With its focus on accessibility and reliability, the digital portal developed by Airchains enables users to submit complaints in both English and Hindi. The portal has been specifically designed to track complaints related to encroachments, empowering victims of crimes to file complaints against local police officers without fear of manipulation or dismissal by authorities.

UP Police Take On The Digital Portal Designed By Airchains

Firozabad Police tweeted about the revolutionary implementation of blockchain technology in their complaint management system, citing the Airchains portal as a game-changer. With data stored on the blockchain, the digital portal acts as a barrier against any tampering or alteration, addressing several system limitations. Moreover, a blockchain-based CMS ensures secure storage of crucial complaint details, including filing dates, complaint nature, and supporting evidence, according to the police.

Here’s What The Media Has To Say!

This news has been widely covered by popular media outlets such as ForbesOutlook IndiaFinancial ExpressYahoo FinanceIndia Today, and multiple other websites. It has also been discussed on social media platforms, including the official Twitter handle of Firozabad PoliceCrypto IndiaBinance, Polygon, and many more.

Resultant Change From Manual To Digital Complaint Redressal Process

According to the police, since the implementation of the blockchain-based complaint management system, the UP Police Department has seen significant improvements in its complaint resolution process. Complaints are now being resolved faster, and the automatic notification system has helped to reduce follow-up calls and emails from complainants.

Airchains contribution to creating an online portal for registering complaints has been one of the most vital projects and the portal has been instrumental in helping the department to combat crime in the city.