Airchains Collaborates with Espresso Systems as our Sequencing Partner for Modular zk Rollups

Airchains Collaborates with Espresso Systems as our Sequencing Partner for Modular zk Rollups

Airchains is announcing our strategic partnership with Espresso Systems, to bring decentralized shared sequencing to Airchains Modular zk rollups. The partnership will enable us to use Espresso's sequencer to provide a decentralized and secure settlement layer for our modular zk rollups.f

The optimistic responsiveness of the Espresso shared sequencer ensures swift transaction finality and achieves high throughput, constrained solely by network bandwidth. By being shared across multiple rollups, the Espresso Sequencer enables cheaper, expedited, and secure cross-chain messaging.

The Espresso Sequencer is purpose-built to provide rollups with credible neutrality, improved interoperability, and a long-term alignment with Ethereum's ecosystem. It operates as a decentralized sequencer and data availability system, bridging various layer-2 scaling solutions.

This shared sequencer is specifically developed to facilitate rollup decentralization and enhance interoperability, all while preserving the fast user experience typically associated with centralized sequencers. Additionally, Espresso Systems' highly scalable data availability (DA) layer provides a cost-effective and decentralized solution with strong guarantees, which can greatly benefit rollups.

"We are excited to partner with Espresso Systems to bring Modular Rollups to the masses. The lack of shared sequencers is a prominent challenge for nearly all rollups and layer 2 solutions today and our collaboration with Espresso Systems will be instrumental in bringing true decentralization to the space & I believe that this partnership will help us to make zk rollups more accessible and user-friendly." - Kritarth Agrawal, CTO and Co-founder of Airchains.

About Espresso Systems: Connecting Layer2 scaling solutions

Espresso Systems are the visionary minds behind the Espresso Sequencer. With impressive backing from industry giants such as Electric Capital, Greylock Partners, Sequoia Capital, and Polychain Capital, Espresso Systems has demonstrated its commitment to driving the decentralization of rollups. They’re actively constructing the necessary infrastructure and tools to facilitate safer, more accessible, and highly efficient on-chain experiences.

In the long run, the Espresso team envisions the Espresso Sequencer as a communal asset, offering utility that not only facilitates the decentralization of rollups but also introduces the wider ecosystem to the benefits of a shared sequencing layer, particularly in terms of interoperability.

The Espresso Sequencer plays a pivotal role in the Ethereum ecosystem by supporting the seamless execution of transactions across various rollup solutions. By providing shared sequencing services, the Sequencer optimizes transaction processing, enhances security, and accelerates the overall performance of decentralized applications.

Combining Forces: Airchains and Espresso

Airchains is a Modular zk-Rollup SDK that ensures better scalability and adaptability in comparison to conventional Rollup solutions. The Airchains zk Stack is a dynamic suite of tools that provides users with a wide array of execution environments to choose from, ranging from EVM, and Cosmos to Solana-compatible chains.

With integrated tools, our platform also enables users to rapidly deploy rollups. Designed for developers, enterprises, and institutions, our platform streamlines the creation and management of intractable blockchain networks.

“We’re excited to collaborate with Airchains to enable developers to use our testnet to order transactions. We’re bringing the benefits of decentralized shared sequencing, with strong performance guarantees, into the Airchains stack” - Verity Coltman, Ecosystem Lead

Through this partnership, Airchains would act as a settlement layer using Espresso for shared sequencing where users can choose a chain agnostic execution layer. The seamless integration of Espresso brings added performance, fast confirmations, and a new layer of customizability to our modular framework.

The Espresso Sequencer improves the existing landscape by introducing rollups to a range of benefits, including credible neutrality, improved interoperability, etc. and it also empowers rollups with secure, high throughput, low latency transaction ordering and availability.

Why are we integrating Espresso Sequencer?

Through the integration with Espresso, Airchains allows rollups developers to leverage a permissionless, decentralized network of participants to sequence & batch transactions for their rollup, while also improving interoperability guarantees with other rollups utilizing the Espresso sequencer network (and the same DA layer). This collaboration with Espresso brings added performance, fast confirmations, and a new layer of customizability to our modular framework.

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