Airchains collaborates with Solace Protocol to integrate decentralized access control in its institutional use cases

Airchains collaborates with Solace Protocol to integrate decentralized access control in its institutional use cases

Airchains is excited to announce its partnership with Solace Protocol, as part of which we will be integrating decentralized access control API solutions into Airchains tech stack. This integration aims to seamlessly incorporate and enable the adoption of Solace Protocol within institutional use cases.

The Solace Protocol represents a groundbreaking cryptographic system within the Web3 landscape, prioritizing session keys as a core element. This innovative system revolutionizes how decentralized applications (dApps) streamline permission-based wallet interactions. By harnessing ephemeral keys and ERC-4337, the protocol achieves unparalleled efficiency and security in communication sessions.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Solace Protocol to get decentralized access control API solutions to Airchains for integrating into our institutional use cases. Our partnership will definitely open the doors to a new era of user-friendly and secure experiences within institutional use cases.” - Kritarth Agrawal, CTO and Co-founder of Airchains.

About Solace Protocol

Solace Protocol offers a rapid and efficient solution for games and dApps to facilitate smooth and permission-based interactions with wallets. This is achieved by utilizing ephemeral keys and ERC-4337.

Through the Solace SDK, wallet-level access control and sessions are implemented, making Web3 accessible and user-friendly for all.

Key features of Solace Protocol include:

  • Seamless integration with native mobile experiences
  • Providing user journeys similar to web2 applications
  • Delivering access control capabilities of institutional-grade standards

With its capacity to enhance the onboarding process for newcomers, Solace emerges as an indispensable and pioneering solution driving the Web3 revolution forward.

The Synergy of Airchains and Solace Protocol

Airchains is a Modular zk-Rollup SDK that ensures better scalability and adaptability in comparison to conventional Rollup solutions. The Airchains zk Stack is a dynamic suite of tools that provides users with a wide array of execution environments to choose from, ranging from EVM, and Cosmos to Solana-compatible chains.

With integrated tools, we enable users to rapidly deploy rollups. Designed for developers, enterprises, and institutions, our platform streamlines the creation and management of intractable blockchain networks.

"Solace Protocol is thrilled to work with Airchains to enable access control features in Airchain’s Rollup SDK, making it easier for institutions to interact with digital assets and data in a decentralised way." - Ashwin Prasad (CTO)

Solace Protocol excels in its user-centered approach. Unlike traditional blockchain interactions fraught with usability challenges and security risks, Solace proactively enhances usability while maintaining safety. This ensures an uninterrupted and secure user experience, mitigating concerns related to lost or stolen private keys and potential fund access issues.

Beyond its security attributes, Solace presents a holistic solution for introducing novices to the world of Web3. With its developer-friendly SDK and robust security components, developers can seamlessly incorporate a native smart-contract wallet into their applications, catering to diverse user preferences.

As the blockchain landscape evolves, Solace's distinctive advantages—user-friendly interfaces, heightened security, and adaptability—position it as a pivotal catalyst shaping the future of Web3.

Airchains will leverage a vast array of resources, knowledge, and support from Solace ecosystem partners - Cronos Labs, Filecoin Foundation, and SuperteamDAO. By integrating Solace Protocol, Airchains will incorporate access control features into our Rollup SDK, simplifying institutional interactions with decentralized digital assets and data. Moreover, we will gain instant access to the vibrant community of Solace Protocol.

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