Sankalptaru Leading The Way In Planting A Greener Future Using Blockchain

Sankalptaru Leading The Way In Planting A Greener Future Using Blockchain

SankalpTaru, a non-profit organization, is utilizing layer 2 blockchain technology to enhance afforestation efforts worldwide in partnership with Airchains and Near Foundation.

Driven by a shared passion for nature, SankalpTaru was established by a group of dedicated individuals aiming to connect technology with the cause of environmental conservation. With a remarkable record of planting and tracking over 5 million trees across 26 states and UTs in India, their journey towards a greener planet continues.

The traditional methods of documentation and monitoring the tree plantation activities were time-consuming, error-prone, lacked transparency and integrity of the data. By integrating blockchain technology into its ecosystem, SankalpTaru aims to establish trust, transparency, and accountability for its donors, offering them a unique and exclusive experience.

Airchains at the forefront of revolutionizing plantation monitoring systems join forces with SankalpTaru to promote afforestation efforts and integrate Near Protocol to streamline the process, making it more efficient, reliable, and trustworthy.

Transforming Tree Plantations: Airchains And NEAR Foundation Support SankalpTaru In Promoting Sustainable Afforestation

By seamlessly integrating Airchains middleware with NEAR Foundation’s Near Protocol blockchain, a new era of secure and transparent transactions is ushered in. This innovative collaboration mitigates the risks associated with fraud and corruption, ensuring that each donation is accounted for. Donors will have the ability to track their contributions and witness the progress of each planted tree through advanced features like geolocation and geofencing.

This pioneering move not only provides real-time data for every tree but also enables precise monitoring of plantation density in specific areas. As a result, a sustainable and greener future is fostered.

"SankalpTaru was started with a group of nature enthusiasts dedicated to becoming the medium between technology and green environment. With over 5 million trees planted, recorded, and tracked, having covered 26 states and UTs in India, we are still on our journey to making the planet greener. By incorporating blockchain technology into our ecosystem, we wanted to enable trust, transparency, and accountability for our donors and provide an exclusive unique experience to them. Through this immutable technology, the increased trust in our process and accountability will further our cause for greenery. Along with that, donors can also track various stages of the tree plantation process and track their contributions. Apurva Bhandari, Founder, SankalpTaru

By leveraging NEAR Protocol technology, SankalpTaru Foundation gains the ability to establish unalterable digital records for every planted tree, capturing crucial details such as species, location, and growth status.

This integration empowers the foundation to closely monitor the real-time progress of its tree plantation initiatives, ensuring strict adherence to environmental regulations, and effectively tracking the impact of its endeavors on biodiversity and carbon sequestration. The batches of transactions on the SankalpTaru’s chain are verified & published on the Near Protocol Mainnet smart contract for secure user data protection.

From Transparency To Social Impact: The Role of Blockchain In Plantation Management

Airchains partnered with SankalpTaru to address the challenges faced in afforestation efforts through future-focused solutions. With high throughput and low transaction fees, blockchain integration helps manage vast amounts of plantation data in a cost-effective manner, ensuring better scalability.

  • Secure and Immutable Storage: The integration of Near Protocol guarantees the secure and unchangeable storage of all plantation records, providing an audit trail for authentication and preventing unauthorized alterations.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Near Protocol automates manual tasks like record-keeping and tracking, improving plantation management efficiency and streamlining operations.
  • Transparency and Trust: By providing access to the same information for all stakeholders, the technology promotes transparency and trust, reducing conflicts and enhancing collaboration.
  • Time and Error Reduction: Blockchain eliminates the need for manual record-keeping, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. It also enables secure and decentralized sharing of information, facilitating improved collaboration and decision-making.
  • User-Friendly Data Collection: The system seamlessly collects field data by integrating a user-friendly approach with the existing system, ensuring transparency in monitoring practices.

Planting For A Better Tomorrow

SankalpTaru becomes the first global non-profit organization in the environmental domain to adopt blockchain technology, paving the way for social change. The implementation of the blockchain-based plantation monitoring system has had a significant impact on the organization's ability to track and report on the reforestation efforts, making it easier for them to secure funding and partnerships.

The news of this collaboration has received extensive coverage from reputable media outlets such as Press Trust of India, India TodayIANSGo Earth, and many others.

The integration of Near Protocol also ensures unprecedented transparency by recording all data and transactions on the blockchain, making it secure and immutable. Improved data management and analysis lead to better decision-making and more effective resource allocation. This also promotes sustainable and responsible afforestation practices, contributing to the fight against climate change and protecting biodiversity.