Raigarh Paving The Way For A Sustainable Future Through Blockchain-Powered Plantations

Raigarh Paving The Way For A Sustainable Future Through Blockchain-Powered Plantations

In recent years, the industrial sector has been increasingly turning to corporate social responsibility (CSR) plantation activities to make a positive impact on society and the environment. However, the noble cause of industrial CSR plantation activities has been plagued by transparency and efficiency issues making it challenging for industries to comply with regulations related to plantation activities and evaluate their impact on the environment.

In a similar view, the District Administration of the Raigarh District, Chhattisgarh was challenged to monitor and evaluate the performance of participating industries including big players like Adani Power Ltd. Ambuja Cement Ltd., Hindalco Industries Ltd., MSP Steel & Power Ltd, and several others.

This resulted in a significant gap in achieving the targets set by the CSR policy, and the need for a sustainable and efficient solution was imminent.

To address this challenge, Airchains developed a blockchain-based monitoring system integrating Near Protocol that allows for seamless recording and tracking of plantation activities by industries and the District Administration.

Advancing Sustainable Plantation Practices Through Blockchain

Initially, plantation activities were manually tracked and participating industries had to submit periodic reports to the District Administration, which would assess the reports and monitor their performances. But, this process was time-consuming and inefficient, leading to a considerable gap in achieving the CSR policy's set targets.

Airchains developed the "Green Raigarh" App to address plantation monitoring issues and promote a greener landscape in Raigarh District, Chhattisgarh.

The app includes a leaderboard highlighting industries actively involved in plantation activities, as well as features for setting monthly plantation goals and tracking the progress of tree planting. Additionally, Airchains’ new blockchain-based monitoring system enables real-time monitoring, compliance evaluation, and impact assessment of CSR initiatives related to plantations, with a dashboard accessible to both District Administration and industries.

Industries such as Adani Power Ltd. (formerly known as Raigarh Energy Generation Ltd.), SECL, Jindal Steel & Power Ltd, NTPC Ltd., Ambuja Cement Ltd., Hindalco Industries Ltd., Anjani Steel Pvt Ltd - Ujjavalpur, MSP Steel & Power Ltd, and several others have become key players in the CSR plantation activities in Raigarh District. These industries now utilize the new plantation monitoring system powered by Airchains to track and monitor their plantation activities.

Integrating Near Protocol in the new plantation monitoring system ensures transparency and efficiency in the plantation activities of listed industries, as well as compliance with regulations and achievement of targets set by their CSR policies.

To ensure the smooth functioning of the dashboard, the District administration and industries have to follow certain steps such as identification of participating industries, onboarding and ID creation, monitoring and evaluation, compliance and assessment, and performance evaluation and reporting. Through this collaborative effort, the project management team verifies compliance, assesses performance, and identifies areas for improvement to promote sustainable plantation practices and track the impact of the CSR initiative on the environment.

From Grey To Green: Transforming Raigarh's Landscape

Airchains blockchain-based monitoring system for tracking industrial CSR plantation activities in Raigarh District, Chhattisgarh, is a significant step towards promoting transparency, accountability, and sustainability in the industrial sector.

  • The adoption of Near Protocol technology has mitigated the environmental impact of industrial growth and improved society's well-being.
  • The Airchains monitoring system tracks and evaluates CSR initiatives in real time2, enhancing the credibility and effectiveness of plantation efforts in the Raigarh District.
  • Industries show increased compliance with regulations, reduced environmental impact, and improved evaluation of plantation activities.
  • The monitoring system has been a game-changer, showcasing industries' commitment to CSR through transparent and credible data.

The Green Raigarh initiative has covered over 96698 sq.ft+ of land with Airplantations, making a significant impact on the environment. Nearly 51 industries actively participate in plantation activities tracked using Airchains, contributing to a sustainable future for generations to come.

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