​​Enabling Seamless Token Vesting: Airchains x Magna Collaboration

​​Enabling Seamless Token Vesting: Airchains x Magna Collaboration

Airchains is delighted to collaborate with Magna, a trusted partner. When launching a token, numerous variables must be considered, and with Magna's platform, we can rest assured that team and investor token allocations are secure and efficiently managed.

At any stage of our token journey, Magna will support us with its comprehensive platform ensuring compliance, tracking transactions with transparency, automating tax withholdings, and creating an efficient token operations system.

Through this partnership, Airchains and users will experience real-time token distribution with ease, securely distributing tokens to investors and team members through Magna's audited smart contracts, making the process hassle-free. Additionally, Magna will streamline pre-launch management, enabling the effective handling of legal agreements such as token warrants, token grants, employment letters, etc.

Magna's smart contracts have undergone rigorous testing and are battle-tested with millions of tokens on the mainnet every single day. Notably, Magna is live across a variety of blockchain ecosystems, including Solana, Ethereum, BNB, AVAX, Polygon, Arbitrum, various Layer-2 solutions, and most recently Cosmos.

About Magna

Established in 2021 and based in New York City, Magna offers a robust platform to Web3 companies, empowering them to manage token distributions, token holder onboarding/offboarding, and other essential tools.

Magna is developing cutting-edge token distribution software, streamlining the process for protocols, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and crypto funds to send and receive tokens. This automation replaces manual procedures prone to errors, ensuring a smoother and hassle-free distribution process.

Magna goes beyond providing a platform; they offer an end-to-end white glove service, allowing your team to focus on other essential tasks for a seamless launch. With Magna by your side, you can launch your token with confidence and ease.

“Crypto founders want their stakeholders to get their tokens on time, correctly, and in a compliant way. “We started Magna to make it easier to start and scale crypto companies, and this is one less thing they have to worry about.” - Bruno Faviero, CEO of Magna

According to Bruno Faviero, Web3 projects still lack essential infrastructure, including token management software, which is readily available for Web2 technology companies. In the Web3 ecosystem, tokens have emerged as the primary unit of ownership, and transactions are executed through blockchains and wallet addresses.

Choosing Magna for Simplifying and Safeguarding Token Vesting 

Token vesting is a mechanism commonly used in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space to regulate the release of tokens to individuals or entities over a specific period. When tokens are vested, they are subject to a predetermined schedule, and the recipients cannot access or fully utilize them until the vesting period is completed.

Token Vesting encompasses two aspects: the gradual increase in legal ownership of tokens over time and the systematic distribution of tokens to stakeholders over a specified period. Magna streamlines the token distribution process by automating it according to custom schedules, allowing for seamless and continuous allocation, commonly known as "streaming.”

The purpose of partnering with Magna for token vesting is to incentivize long-term commitment, align interests between stakeholders, and prevent immediate dumping or selling of tokens in large quantities, which could negatively impact the token's value and stability.

By implementing token vesting with a trusted partner, we can ensure that tokens are distributed gradually and in a controlled manner, promoting stability and responsible token management. 

Other aspects of the partnership include: 

Smart Contract Optimization: Combining Magna's audited smart contracts with Airchains' middleware platform will offer more robust and secure smart contract capabilities to customers. Airchains can provide additional layers of verification to the smart contracts designed by Magna, enhancing their security.

Developer Support: Airchains' extensive developer tooling can be combined with Magna's platform to provide an enriched development environment. This partnership can simplify the development process of new tokens and their compliance with regulations, which will attract more projects to use these platforms.

Joint Marketing Efforts: By combining their marketing efforts, both companies can expand their user base and reach new markets. A partnership could include co-branded marketing campaigns, joint webinars, and collaborative thought leadership in industry forums and events.

Enterprise Solutions: By offering a joint solution, both Magna and Airchains can target enterprise customers looking for a compliant and secure way to manage their tokenized assets or wanting to integrate blockchain technology into their existing systems.

By partnering, Magna and Airchains will be able to offer a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for token management and blockchain application development, giving users a competitive advantage in the market.

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