Airchains Partners With Copperx To Streamline Recurring Crypto Payments

Airchains Partners With Copperx To Streamline Recurring Crypto Payments

Copperx is a platform that offers a versatile payment solution that meets the diverse payment needs of various businesses, enabling them to easily accept crypto payments, and generate customized payment links and invoices.

Airchains partnered with Copperx to simplify the process of accepting recurring payments in cryptocurrencies. The automated billing system simplifies the process of accepting recurring payments, allowing us to focus on scaling our business. The real-time notifications feature keeps us informed of our subscribers' activities and enables us to manage any issues proactively and provides our customers with a smooth and hassle-free subscription experience.

Here’s How Crypto Payment Challenges Are Now Simplified

With Copperx's recurring billing solution, Airchains can easily accept recurring payments in cryptocurrencies with a simplified process. The platform automates billing and securely manages payments, providing an easy-to-use solution for our business saving us time and increasing our efficiency.

The customer portal allows our end-users to manage their subscriptions easily and allows subscribers to view their subscription details, update payment methods, and even cancel their subscriptions. As a result, our customers have more control over their accounts, and we can focus on building our business. The portal's user-friendly interface also makes it easy for subscribers to navigate and modify their subscription plans.

With the real-time notifications feature, we are always kept informed about our subscribers' activities. Whenever a subscriber starts or ends a subscription or has low funds in their wallet, we receive real-time notifications. This feature enables us to manage any issues proactively, ensuring that our customers have a smooth and hassle-free subscription experience.

Another impressive feature of the recurring billing system is that it automatically generates monthly receipts and invoices, saving us time and effort. This feature allows us to track payments, renewals, and top-up needs from the dashboard, giving us more time to focus on our core operations and on providing our clients with top-notch blockchain solutions.

A Partnership We Foster

Airchains fosters its partnership with Copperx to make recurring crypto payments for our services with ease and eliminate the need to manually process payments, saving valuable time and resources. We're teaming up with Copperx to bring you a seamless and secure recurring billing solution. While Copperx handles the payments, we'll keep delivering top-notch blockchain tools and technology to our users. Making the setup process effortless, and the interface intuitive and user-friendly, it is now easy for our users to manage their subscriptions and payment preferences.