Airchains optimizes Modular zk Rollups with Avail’s DA Layer

Airchains optimizes Modular zk Rollups with Avail’s DA Layer

Airchains is partnering with Avail to leverage its Modular zk Rollups SDK, incorporating a data availability (DA) layer. We aim to tackle the data availability challenge and enable trustless verification of rollup states by harnessing the power of Avail’s "data availability" (DA) layer. This integration will significantly enhance the scalability and cost-effectiveness of our rollups.

This collaboration enables efficient ordering, transaction publishing, and verification of block data availability, without the need to download the entire block. Avail is a scalable base layer featuring a modular architecture, focused on data availability for the ecosystem to build on.

By adopting this modular approach and emphasizing a robust data availability layer, Airchains can achieve scalability while upholding security standards. Airchains will integrate Avail as its data availability (DA) layer, enabling users to leverage the robust DA features provided within our Rollups.

“Our vision has always been to push the boundaries of blockchain scalability, and integrating Avail's DA layer into our modular zk Rollups SDK perfectly aligns with that goal. The data availability layer by Avail not only addresses a critical challenge in the blockchain space but also opens up new possibilities for efficient and secure rollup solutions. This partnership marks a significant step forward in achieving our mission of making modular rollups more accessible and impactful." - Kritarth Agrawal, CTO and Co-founder of Airchains.

About Avail

Avail is a robust base layer designed to meet the needs of next-generation trust-minimized applications and sovereign rollups. Its key strengths lie in its cutting-edge security approach, which allows light clients to easily verify data availability by sampling it across a peer-to-peer network.

Integrating Avail into Airchains Modular zk Rollup SDK

Avail's modular approach simplifies the integration of blockchain technology for developers, eliminating the need to concern themselves with validator sets or tokenomics. With Avail's exceptional data availability interface and robust security capabilities, developers gain the ability to create efficient and user-friendly blockchain applications using zero-knowledge proofs or fraud-proof techniques.

Airchains is a Modular zk-Rollup SDK that ensures better scalability and adaptability in comparison to conventional Rollup solutions. The Airchains zk Stack is a dynamic suite of tools that provides users with a wide array of execution environments to choose from, ranging from EVM, and CosmWasm to Solana-compatible chains.

With integrated tools, we enable users to rapidly deploy rollups. Designed for developers, enterprises, and institutions, our platform streamlines the creation and management of intractable blockchain networks.

Avail's data-agnostic nature will enable seamless support for various execution environments, including EVM, WASM, and custom new runtimes.

The modular approach further expands possibilities, allowing the creation of diverse designs on top, such as sovereign ZK or OP appchains, general-purpose rollups, sidechains, validiums, and more. Notably, these advancements do not necessitate the recruitment of a new validator set; rather, transactions can be simply posted on Avail. This combination of independence, flexibility, shared security and scalability enhances the overall ecosystem.

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