Empowering CSR Efforts: Raigarh Implements Blockchain-backed Plantation Solutions with Airchains and Near Foundation

Empowering CSR Efforts: Raigarh Implements Blockchain-backed Plantation Solutions with Airchains and Near Foundation

The Raigarh District Administration has embarked on a momentous initiative to foster transparency and accountability in the corporate social responsibility (CSR) plantation activities of the industrial sector. The launch of a sustainable Blockchain Based Monitoring System by the Raigarh District Administration heralds a new era in tracking industrial CSR plantation activities.

Leveraging Airchains pioneering blockchain solutions coupled with NEAR Foundation's efficient and cost-effective platform, the administration is committed to transforming the tree plantation process and revitalizing the region's lost greenery.

In recent years, CSR plantation activities have gained prominence in the industrial sector as a means to make a positive impact on the environment and society. However, challenges related to transparency and efficiency have hindered the success of these initiatives, making it difficult for industries to comply with regulations and evaluate their environmental impact effectively.

To address these challenges, Airchains has collaborated with the District Administration of Raigarh District to develop a blockchain-based monitoring system that seamlessly records and tracks plantation activities, ensuring real-time visibility, compliance evaluation, and impact assessment in the industrial sector.

The project is implemented in two distinct phases, encompassing a range of functionalities and comprehensive monitoring mechanisms. The new blockchain-based monitoring system incorporates various functionalities, including a Tree Aadhaar feature for tracking and storing data, a dashboard login for both the district administration and listed industries, and up-to-date plantation data encompassing details such as type, location, time, date, and the number of trees planted. Moreover, the platform boasts a user-friendly interface specifically designed for listed industries to input data into the system, as well as the ability to monitor real-time Air Quality Index (AQI).

The Green Raigarh App developed by Airchains is primarily dedicated to offering comprehensive information to project stakeholders while ensuring the compliance of listed industries with regulations governing the plantation sector. The application highlights the industries actively involved in plantation activities, as well as features for setting monthly plantation goals and tracking tree-planting progress. The system also enables real-time monitoring, compliance evaluation, and impact assessment of CSR initiatives related to plantations. This ensures transparency, accountability, and efficient management of plantation activities as well as adherence to environmental regulations.

Industries such as Adani Power Ltd. (formerly known as Raigarh Energy Generation Ltd.), SECL, Jindal Steel & Power Ltd, NTPC Ltd., Ambuja Cement Ltd., Hindalco Industries Ltd., Anjani Steel Pvt Ltd - Ujjavalpur, MSP Steel & Power Ltd, and several others have become key players in the CSR plantation activities in Raigarh District by utilizing the new plantation monitoring system powered by Airchains to track and monitor their plantation activities.

“The Raigarh District is elated to partner with NEAR Protocol and Airchains to launch the blockchain-based monitoring system. We are committed to the cause of bringing back the flora and fauna of the area and believe that it is pertinent to hold companies accountable to their CSR initiatives in a seamless and transparent manner. This initiative aligns with our commitment to sustainable development and environmental conservation. Furthermore, we can monitor any deviation or delay in our progress and take the required corrective actions within the stipulated time.” - Taran Prakash Sinha, IAS, Collector & District Magistrate commented.

Contributing to the Green Raigarh initiativeAirchains has taken a significant stride toward a greener and more responsible future. The positive impact of this monitoring system is evident in the increased compliance of industries with regulations, the mitigation of environmental impact, and the improvement in the evaluation of plantation activities. This system has been a game-changer for the industrial sector in Raigarh District, enabling industries to showcase their commitment to CSR through transparent and credible data on their plantation activities, building trust, and encouraging others to follow suit.

The positive impact of the Green Raigarh initiative is already evident in Raigarh District. With over 95369 sq.ft+ of land covered with plantations & active participation of 51+ industries utilizing Airchains' solution. The cumulative number of plantations has exceeded 3373+, showcasing the significant strides made in promoting environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Airchains' blockchain-based monitoring system marks a turning point in the industrial sector's approach to CSR plantation activities.

About The Green Raigarh Initiative:

The Green Raigarh Initiative works towards a strong commitment to promoting and fostering sustainable development in the Raigarh District, Chhattisgarh. It serves as an information hub that provides regular updates on the progress of plantation activities, showcases success stories, and shares best practices. Green Raigarh firmly believes in the power of collective action and collaboration to shape a greener and more environmentally conscious future. The core mission is to unite industries, communities, and stakeholders, working together to drive positive change and transform the landscape of Raigarh into a sustainable and thriving ecosystem.

Through strategic partnerships forged with prominent industrial players, environmental organizations, and the District Administration, Green Raigarh aims to implement and monitor corporate social responsibility (CSR) plantation activities. By harnessing innovative technologies like Airchains' blockchain-based monitoring system, the initiative ensures transparency, accountability, and efficiency in tracking and evaluating plantation initiatives.

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